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Escape Velocity – Get Your Power Check

2 Small Biz Guys explore Geoffrey Moore’s Escape Velocity and the hidden force that is working against your best efforts. Status Quo: What is the matter? Cisco’s CEO, John Chambers states, ” Market transitions wait for no one.” Your job is to destroy your product or service by creating a better replacement. The problem is using last year’s financials as a basis for the current year. We explore the aspects of strategic planning and the fallacy of using previous performance to develop business for the future. Explore a Power Check with 2 Small Biz Guys and see where you may find yourself in the mix of business ideas.

How do business owners and leaders determine where to go using the best practices of strategic planning? What does it mean to take a look from outside-in rather than inside-out? Gender bias and issues impacting business relationships include both financial review as well as new opportunity in the market. Businesses traditionally take a post-review of their success and do not necessarily look at the future with fresh eyes. What are the categories of business engagement, products and services that are currently in play? Which markets will create your best returns? How will you realign your management and resources to capitalize on them?

Here’s a few more critical questions:Escape Velocity

  • Who will design your next generation of offers and for whom will they be designed?
  • Who are are becoming your new reference competitors and how do you stack up against the norms they are setting?
  • What basis will you be able to differentiate against these competitors sustainability?
  • How will your legacy business models stand up in an increasingly digitized, globalized and virtualized economy?
  • What if there is a hidden force that is working against your best efforts?
  • What if this force is operating inside your own company?

These 2 Guys discuss and explore the answers with wit and wisdom. They go on to talk about the Hierarchy of Powers presented in Escape Velocity: Category, Company, Market, Offer and Execution.

To free your company’s future from the pull of the past, to escape the gravitational field of your prior year’s operating plan you need to apply a force that is greater than the inertial momentum of current operations. What does that mean? You’ll hear a discussion about what you can do to take the time to develop and bring to the table an outside-in, market-centric perspective that is so compelling and so well informed that it can counterbalance the inside-out company-centric orientation of last year’s operating plan. Business ideas flow in such conversations.

One of the additional tasty tidbits is the mention of a new book, Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus, by Douglas Rushkoff. His examination of the digital world since the mid-90s is that the old Industrial Age philosophy of profit and loss as opposed to value-based engagement. In a recent interview, Mr. Rushkoff was asked, “What do you find most objectionable about the kind of economy that technology appears to create?” His response – “What’s most pernicious about it is that we are developing companies that are designed to do little more than take money out of the system – they are all extractive. There’s this universal assumption that we have to turn working currency into share price.”

Listen in to the wit and wisdom of 2 Small Biz Guys as we examine the Hierarchy of Powers and the supporting factors that can help YOU grow as a small business. You’ll enjoy the banter and perhaps learn a tasty tidbit that can make a world of difference in your business success.

You can listen in here: 2 Small Biz Guys

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