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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Your Courses Compare to College Business Courses and MBA courses?

Our courses are developed and taught by practicing entrepreneurs, not professional academics. Our mission is sharing tried-and-true small business strategies and solutions over classroom theories, and our goal is to give you tools and ideas you can put to use immediately.

You don’t need any prior degrees or training to enroll in our courses. In addition, courses are online and on-demand, so you can start whenever you like and proceed at your own pace.


Will I Earn CE or College Credit for Taking These Courses?

No, but you will gain down-to-earth information you would probably never learn in a conventional classroom. When you successfully complete a course, you’ll have the option of printing a 8″ x 11″ certificate for your records or for display. (confirm certificate?)


There’s Lots of Free Small Business Advice on the Web. How Is This Better?  

Free advice isn’t necessarily good advice. How do you know what to believe? Each of our courses has been carefully screened and approved by our board of successful entrepreneurs for content, usefulness, and value.


How Much Does It Cost?

Our classes are highly affordable. Tuition for a single class is $37 at this time, and discounted 4-course bundles are available at $99 each. We also offer a $127 monthly membership, which allows members to take any amount of courses for a 31 day period. If you’re truly committed to increasing your small business knowledge base, the membership is your best deal.


I’ve Developed Some Original Small Business Courses. How Can I Become Part of Your Faculty?

We are always interested in partnering with effective, knowledgeable small business instructors and mentors whose courses meet our educational standards. If you would like to apply, complete our application form .

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