are penis pumps covered under medicare

I remember the first time I heard about penis pumps being covered by Medicare.​ I was surprised! I thought to myself, “What? Does Medicare cover such a thing?!” Well, the answer is yes, but not completely.​ Medicare will actually cover penis pumps in certain situations.​

First of all, penis pumps are a form of medical treatment to help with erectile dysfunction.​ If a man has been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, then Medicare may cover the cost of a penis pump.​ To qualify for coverage, a patient must have had at least three or more separate attempts at treating the condition with other types of medications or therapies.​ Medicare also requires that the patient has none of the contra-indications which may be related to the use of a penis pump.​

If a man does qualify for vibrators coverage, it is important to know that coverage is only available for the purchase of one device.​ There are also certain features of the device which may be included and covered by Medicare as part of the purchase.​ These may include the air or water chamber, the pump, the tubing, the carrying case, and the instructional manuals.​

I have done some research and have uncovered a few interesting points about penis pumps being covered by Medicare.​ First, not all types of devices are covered.​ The ones that are covered must have certain features such as pressure cylinders, tubing, and the carrying case.​ Medicare will not cover penis pumps that are operated by rechargeable batteries, because these types of devices are considered to be novelty items.​

Secondly, most of the devices that are covered by Medicare will require a doctor’s prescription in order to be purchased.​ The reason for this is that there are certain risks associated with the use of a penis pump and must be assessed by a medical professional before the device is purchased.​ The doctor will need to evaluate a patient’s medical history, medications, and other related factors in order to determine if the device is appropriate for that particular patient.​

Top quality life size real silicone doll realistic, lifelike silicone male sex dolls for women ...Finally, Medicare will not cover any device that is used for any other purpose than the treatment of erectile dysfunction.​ The patient must be using the device solely to treat their condition in order for the coverage to remain valid.​

So, dildos while it is true that penis pumps are covered by Medicare in certain situations, it is important to remember that there are some stipulations to the coverage.​ It is always important to talk to your doctor if you are considering buying a penis pump so that you can learn more about the types of devices that are available and whether or not they are a good option for you.​