are silicone dildos the best and safest

Silicone dildos! I’m sure we’ve all heard of them and most of us have probably wondered at some point, are they really that safe? And are they really the best thing out there? Well, my friend…interesting questions.

I did a bit of research to find out more about them and safe to say I was surprised! Turns out, silicone dildos are not only the safest thing out there, but they’re by far the best too. In comparison to things like jelly and rubber toys, they are smoother, less prone to bacteria buildup, and they feel a whole lot better too!

Rechargeable Vibrating Warming Blow Job Male Masturbator Oral Sex Toys for Men 951972113505 | eBayPlus, they’re also hypoallergenic so it’s super friendly to sensitive skin and they don’t have any of the icky porous bits that can lead to bacterial growth. But that’s not all! Silicone dildos are also typically waterproof which makes them easy to clean and keep germ-free.

The amazing thing about silicone sex toys is that they’re virtually indestructible! That means you can use them over and over with no worries – and no need to worry about them getting all yucky either. They’re even pretty compassionate to the planet since they’re mostly made of silicone. So not only do you get the ultimate in safety and pleasure – you can also feel good about making a green choice.

But here’s the real question… What makes them stand out from the rest?

Well, for starters, they’re much more durable and resilient than any other material. The soft silicone is easily bendable and can be shaped into any size, shape or texture, making them much more versatile. They’re also nonporous so it won’t absorb oils or juices, but it will still be gentle and warm to the touch.

Plus, the material doesn’t have any nasty chemicals or unwanted odors. They’re structurally sound, and lubricant is not a requirement with silicone as it is with other types of dildos. This gives you more freedom to express yourself without worrying about the mess.

Also, the way the silicone bends and moves in combination with the texture can be exactly the right kind of stimulation you’re looking for! It comes in many different shapes and sizes, right down to the right firmness – so once you find what works for you, you’ll never look back.

From my experience, silicone dildos really do stand up above the rest. Safe, durable, friendly to our planet and the perfect solution for finding exactly the stimulation your body needs!