how to get poop smell off sex toys

I used to experience a rather embarrassing situation – the smell of poop on my sex toys, yikes! This could have been a major turn off for my partner had I not investigated online about the best way to get rid of it. I’m glad to say that after some experimenting I found an easy, effective method to get rid of the unappealing scent, so I’m happy to share it with everyone.

The first thing I did was to thoroughly clean the sex toy. I used a mild, unscented detergent and warm water and scrubbed it off. This is important as it allows the smell to be completely gone. Once the toy was dry, I used rubbing alcohol and wiped the toy down. This removes any germs and bacteria and helps to prevent further odors.

Next, I covered the sex toy with baking soda. This works great as the baking soda helps to absorb any moisture and smells. I left the baking soda overnight, allowing it to work its magic. The following morning, dildos I washed the toy off and voila! The smell was gone.

Another trick I have used is to place the sex toy in a container of white vinegar. I let it soak for at least an hour and then removed it. The vinegar helps to neutralize the smell and can be used as many times as you want.

My last tried and trusted method is to spray the sex toy with a natural air freshener. I find this to be the simplest method as I don’t have to go through the hassle of cleaning and soaking the toy. I just make sure that the spray is completely natural and suitable for the type of sex toy.

These tips work great for me and I’m sure they’ll work for everyone else too. The trick is to keep on top of cleaning your sex toys after every use. This will help to prevent any odor from accumulating and will ensure that your toys are always safe and ready for Penis Rings a good time!