I was recently introduced to the world of adult sex dolls near me and I had a few questions at first. Are they safe? Is it legal? What do they look like? But after doing some research I found my answers and it wasn’t long before I was totally in the know.

First off, these dolls are incredibly realistic and surprisingly safe. They have easy to clean material, are made with quality materials, and are designed to withstand some pretty heavy use. Plus, each one can be customized to your particular desires. I was skeptical at first, but after seeing some of the work that goes into these dolls I definitely feel a lot more confident in their quality.

Secondly, it’s totally legal to buy and own these dolls in most states. I was thrilled to find out that I could buy one without worrying about the authorities coming after me. I do understand that these dolls are not to be used in any sexual activities with minors, of course. That’s a hard no.

And lastly, these dolls can look however you want them to look. Most of them have completely customizable features, from hair color to eye color, and even skin tone. You can make the doll look and even feel exactly the way you want, which is really amazing when you think about it. Plus, I was reassured to hear that the dolls faces are made with a neutral expression that doesn’t creep me out like some of the other sex dolls I have seen.

I was ready to purchase my own doll as soon as I could after the research I did, but then I started thinking about the technology behind it. I found out that some of the dolls have plastic inner frames and joints that make them flexible, as well as temperature regulators in the torso so they can actually feel like the human body. Not to mention the soft and realistic skin the dolls have, which feel better than the latex I initially assumed. It’s amazing to see just how far this technology has come in the past few years.

On top of the technology that comes with the dolls, there are tons of amazing accessories that you can get to make your experience even more lifelike. Some of the most popular include clothing, sex toys, wigs, artificial intelligence, and sex dolls even the option to customize your own doll from the inside out. It’s just so crazy to think about some of the possibilities with these dolls and it’s definitely opened my eyes to a whole new way of enjoying sex.

I can honestly say that after researching and getting to know a bit more about these dolls, I am more excited than ever to get one of my own. Not only do I feel safe trying it out, but I know that with the help of technology, my experience will be even more realistic. And who knows, maybe I can even use the accessories I got to really make it my own!