It was last Thursday when I was browsing through my applications and I stumbled upon something really strange – male masturbators in use.​ I’d heard about the industry, but since I had given it little thought I also had little clue what it was all about.​ I decided to do a bit of research and find out what this was all about.​

To begin with, I was surprised to find out that male masturbators are essentially sex toys that resemble a penis in shape and size, designed to bring pleasure to its user.​ Apparently, the use of these toys started from the late 90s and ever since their popularity has exploded onto the market.​ Furthermore, I soon realized that not only was there a range of male masturbators available – these toys come in a range of features and functions, with some of them even coming with heating and suction features.​

So what else could I dig up about these male masturbators? Well, it seemed that many users found these toys to be an invaluable asset, particularly when it comes to relieving performance anxiety and allowing them to focus more on the pleasure aspect of sex – as they weren’t worrying and distracted about their performance.​ Moreover, some even go as far as to claim that these toys are just as pleasurable (if not more) than real sex!

The idea of a pleasure toy that aids men in achieving optimal performance and pleasure simultaneously got me thinking.​ Could it perhaps be a viable alternative to real-life sex? Could it satisfy the needs of those without access to a partner or a stable relationship? To find answers to my questions, vibrators I started to reach out to those with firsthand experience, and it seemed that many of them held positive opinions of male masturbators.​

One of the people I spoke to was Zack, a 33-year-old who had been using male masturbators for a few years now.​ He claimed that, not only had the use of these toys allowed him to explore and discover his personal preferences when it comes to pleasure, but it had also helped him to perform better and more confidently during actual intercourse.​ He even went as far as to call male masturbators “life-changing” and gave them a big thumbs up.​

Other people I spoke to had similar opinions.​ One person I talked to was Sam, who had been using male masturbators for just a few months.​ He described the sensations as “out of this world” and “indescribable” and told me that, for him, the toys had become a necessity in his life.​ Furthermore, multiple respondents praised the toys for their convenience, comfortability and convenience, as none of them had to worry about unwanted interruptions or premature ejaculation.​

My conversations with these people deeply entrenched my understanding of male masturbators in use.​ The majority of responses I received were overwhelmingly positive, and it seemed to me that these toys can offer quite a bit for those out there exploring the realm of pleasure.​ Upon finishing my research, I decided that I should laissez these toys reach even farther and allow even more people access to this pleasure.​