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I recently discovered a Telegram group dedicated to male masturbation.​ When I heard about it, I was curious and excited.​ I mean, not everyone has a friend who can give advice on the topic.​ This group was a great way to learn about it and also for some fun.​

When I joined the group, I could immediately feel the openness and honesty.​ Each time someone would talk about their experience, it was as if the group was giving them permission to be vulnerable.​ People were sharing tips and advice from all sorts of angles, from how to pleasure yourself and increase your pleasure, to how to change up your routine and make self-pleasure more enjoyable.​

I quickly realised that there was a vast wealth of shared information.​ Some of it was technical, some of it was general.​ There was something for everyone.​ You could read posts about ways to increase libido, safely explore different sex acts, and even learn about techniques to break out of sticking points when it comes to masturbation.​ It was great to have a bunch of guys talking about their private activities, without fear of judgement.​

One of the best parts was the opportunity to learn about new ways to pleasure yourself.​ I had never heard of Taoist masturbation before, an ancient Taoist practice based around arousing and pleasuring yourself without actually ejaculating.​ Through the group, I was able to learn about the basics and vibrators I was curious to give it a try.​ I was glad I took the plunge and the results were definitely worth it – hating the ‘gut-punch’ from pre-ejaculate and the exhaustion that comes after a regular orgasm no longer bother me.​

The group was also full of useful tips and funny stories.​ Every month someone would host a ‘challenge’, encouraging members to take part in a self-pleasure challenge with a specific goal.​ We’d discuss our successes and failures and it was just a great atmosphere to be part of.​ I was surprised to find that a lot of the members were married, but my understanding is that it’s quite common amongst many cultures.​ It just reinforced the notion that talking about pleasure and masturbation openly can benefit all kinds of partnerships.​

I also got to taste different types of techniques from the group.​ Some of them involved using visual aids, some involved breathing techniques, and some even involved visualization.​ It was a great way to experiment with different techniques to see which one worked the best for me and also to find a new way to tweak my current routine.​ In the end, it gave me more confidence in my ability to pleasure myself and I was really grateful for that.​

The atmosphere within the group was always so positive and supportive.​ I think it’s because it was a safe space away from the judgement of others.​ You could even find support and advice for any issues you may be facing outside of the ‘masturbation’ sphere.​ People were constantly sharing stories and ideas that opened me up to new possibilities.​

The group also periodically hosted events in real life.​ This is where I learned the most.​ It was great to have an ongoing dialogue about all the various topics related to masturbation – from the physical to the mental.​ At the events, we also got to experience things like hands-on workshops and interactive games.​

I’m thankful I came across this telegram group.​ It’s a great way to open conversations around a sensitive topic and to learn something new without feeling judged or embarrassed.​ I can really feel the sense of empowerment and openness that I experienced in the group and it’s definitely benefited me.​

The group was also educational.​ Through it, I found out about the importance of pelvic floor exercises.​I also came to understand the benefits of consumption healthy food and water for better sexual energy, and how doing yoga on a regular basis can does wonders for your physical and emotional wellbeing.​ I also discovered different erotic books and erotic films that can be used as visual stimulation when pleasuring oneself, as well as a variety of massage techniques that can be incorporated into one’s routine.​

Another thing I gained from this group was getting to know different sex toys.​ I was amazed by the different shapes, sizes, textures and functions that they could offer me.​ I was also inspired by the wonderful stories and expertise that the other members shared.​ It was really nice to hear about their journey and how they use their sex toys in the most pleasurable ways.​

I’ve also had the opportunity to connect with people in different parts of the world who share similar experiences.​ Although we’re from different cultures and backgrounds, we’re united by our desire to explore our sexuality in a mindful and respectful way.​

The group is also a place to share inspiring stories of sex-positive transformation from people around the world.​ I was grateful to be immersed in this vibrant community of like-minded individuals who want to express their sexuality in meaningful and mindful ways.​

It was both inspiring and humbling to witness the courage of individuals who were willing to take risks, try new things and really dive deep into the richness of their sexual potential.​ It was just amazing to experience such openness and positivity in a space dedicated to exploring the world of self-pleasure.​

I’ve also had the opportunity to experience the power of collective support.​ I think this has been really helpful in creating an environment that encourages self-expression, exploration and experimentation.​

There were occasional times when I encountered issues and needed advice.​ Thankfully, the group was always there to offer a safe place to turn to and ask for advice on sensitive topics.​ The members of this telegram group always provided support with kindness and understanding.​

One of the highlights of being a part of this group has been getting to know the customs and traditions of other cultures in relation to male masturbation.​ This has been a great source of inspiration for me.​I have seen how different cultures honor and embrace sexuality in culturally-specific ways.​ It was quite amazing to be exposed to different perspectives, customs and rituals.​

And I really appreciate the diversity that the group offered.​ It was really cool to hear stories of people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds coming together to share their experiences and insights.​ It was also really nice to see people of different genders and orientations participating in the group.​

One touch of culture the members brought to the group was their own language.​ I was somewhat taken aback by the level of slang words that popped up during the discussions.​ It was amazing to see how people could talk about pleasure and arousal without feeling embarrassed or ashamed.​ I love the openness, honesty and acceptance among members.​

To be a part of this amazing group has truly been a blessing.​ It’s given me a much deeper insight into the world of male masturbation.​ It’s allowed me to explore my own desires and experiment with different techniques.​ It’s also been a great source of inspiration when it comes to taking charge of my own sexual health.​Brisbane man charged after sex dolls with child-like features found in his home | 7NEWS