masturbation black male

Masturbation for black males is a subject that many people don’t feel comfortable talking about, but it’s important to recognize the benefits of various forms of self-pleasure.​ For centuries, black men around the world have actively engaged in self-pleasuring practices.​ Yet, too often we are not given the tools or platform to openly discuss the different types of masturbation available to us.​

I first experienced masturbation when I was fifteen.​ Growing up as a black male in a conservative community, I was often told that the activity was wrong and would lead me to do immoral things.​ I was often ridiculed for even bringing up the topic in any type of conversation.​ As I eventually grew older, I began to explore and research the positive benefits associated with the activity.​ I realized that masturbation is a natural way to explore and discover my sexuality in a safe way, and I felt empowered to take control of my own pleasure – something that I hadn’t been taught growing up.​

The ability to connect to my body and its various arousal levels was an incredibly rewarding experience.​ I found myself pleasuring myself more and more, feeling the pleasure build up and slowly releasing it with an orgasm – an amazing feeling! I began to recognize the importance of self-pleasure in helping to better understand my body and its capabilities.​ I find that self-pleasure also helps to reduce anxiety levels, insomnia and Penis Rings stress, and can be used as a tool to better understand my sexual fantasies and desires.​

Masturbation for black men is a practice that often carries a negative stigma associated with it, making it harder for us to talk openly about these experiences.​ Sadly, many of us feel alone in this journey and don’t get to openly discuss our feelings and experiences.​ It’s always helpful to reach out to trusted friends or family members to talk about your feelings – don’t be afraid to talk about your experience or ask questions.​ Creating a safe environment for learning is essential.​

Masturbation can also be an activity to explore different ways of self-pleasure.​ Experimenting with different strokes, sensations or multiple orgasms are just some of the activities we can explore when partaking in self-pleasure.​ Learning what gives us pleasure and being mindful of our body’s response to different touch and dildos stimulation is key to understanding what turns us on.​

Exploring different types of lubricants and toys is a great way to vary the experience.​ It can be fun to experiment with different sensations and temperature.​ Adding a vibrator into the mix can really help to intensify the pleasure, and can help to achieve orgasms that may have eluded us before.​

No matter how we choose to explore self-pleasure, it’s important to embrace the journey as a journey of self-discovery and to always be mindful of the physical and emotional changes that occur when engaging in the activity.​ Masturbation is a natural part of life and is an important part of understanding our bodies and our sexuality.​