Fur Lined Leather Suspension Cuffs with Grip



Suspend your partner from the rafters with this luxurious set of cuffs!
These elegant and comfortable suede and faux-fur cuffs are fantastic for getting your sub in a position that will live up to both of your fantasies! Pull them up on their tip-toes while you flog, cane, tickle, or pleasure them. You can even fuck them while they\’re strung up and desperate for you. Hand-holds allow additional support to pull on the wrists. Use caution when fully suspending a partner, making sure to mount the cuffs to a suspension bar/ring or a load-bearing beam. Wrists and shoulders can be damaged by prolonged suspension, so always make sure to communicate with your partner (even if they\’re gagged!)
The cuffs are 2 1/4\” wide. The buckling straps are 1\” wide with sizing holes that adjust in 1/2\” increments.
Color: Black
Material: PVC(Faux Leather)/Real Leather
Size: One size fit most
Package: Bag

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