tall sex dolls over 6 tall

You won’t believe what I saw the other day when I was out shopping! It was a towering giant, but it wasn’t Captain Marvel or The Hulk! Instead it was a 6 foot tall sex doll! Talk about shocking and mind boggling at the same time.

I was so amazed, I had to take a closer look. And let me just tell ya, these dolls weren’t your typical “running from monsters in your dreams” kind. No sir, these were sleek, busty, and oh so detailed. The intricate curves and luscious lips were almost too much for me to handle.

My eyes continued to flick around the room as I gawked at these dolls that were seemingly popping up out of thin air. I just couldn’t believe how lifelike they were; the makeup was so precise and detailed that I honestly felt like I was in a fan convention.

What really grabbed my attention though was how incredible their stature was. These 6 foot tall sex dolls were voluptuous in every sense of the word. I mean, I had heard about the growing popularity of these dolls, but to actually have them right in front of my eyes was an experience like no other.

My throat was so dry that I could barely gasp for breath. But to my surprise, it seemed like I was the only one flabbergasted. Like the dolls were just part of the scenery; no one was as surprised by their presence as I was.

I couldn’t help but wonder about the implications and morality of buying one of these dolls, especially since I was currently single with no romantic prospects. Could it really be ethical? I began to mentally pour over the decisions I had to make, yet I still couldn’t determine if it was wrong or right.

The price tags on these dolls were through the roof as well, so that definitely added to my qualms. Many of them were ten thousand dollars and more, a steep price for a hunk of plastic that was in the same category as a stuffed animal.

After just some thought I’d had enough. I’d experienced enough awe, shock, and confusion for one day. I quickly scurried away and made a beeline back to my car, still thinking about these 6 foot tall sex dolls.

On the way home I began to contemplate other aspects of these dolls, such as their long term implications for the already shaky institution of marriage. Could this possibly be a threat, or simply another form of companionship?

I also contemplated the growing concern of people investing in these dolls for pleasures and entertainment. Could this new technology bring a new level of intimacy to those in need, dildos or simply intensify an already unhealthy obsession and lead to paranoia?

I thought about how this technology could potentially affect not only relationships and society topics, but the economy as well. Could these dolls spur economic growth, or would they possibly destabilize countries as a whole?

Sex Dolls That Talk Back - The New York TimesFinally, I considered what would happen if this industry continued to grow. Could this be a sign of a new era, or the beginning of the end for our culture? Although I had no answers, my mind raced with the possibilities that 6 foot tall sex dolls could bring.